2007-11-06 / News

City of Davison Election Results (unofficial)

Mayor-Elect "Mac" FortnerMayor-Elect "Mac" Fortner


X Fred "Mac" Fortner -- 452 -- 48.97%

James R. Hansen Jr. -- 246--26.65%

Charles Purdy--10--1.08%

Fred Rappuhn (I)--214--23.19%

Write-In --1--0.11%



City Council

Ralph Arceo (I)--363--15.21%

X Tim Bishop--493--20.65%

X Don Csutoras (I)--483--20.23%

X James E. Hershberger--566--23.71%

Tom Lesnock--126--5.28%

Gordon Winther (I)--352--14.75%

Write-In --4--0.17%

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