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Remembering mom on Mother’s Day

On Sunday, take the time to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Whether you see her in person or call her, don’t let the day pass without telling her you love her.

When I see people who take their mother for granted I just want to shake them and ask them what is wrong with them. I can only wish I still had my mom, but now that she’s gone I can only recall my fond memories.

I was always close to my mom and when I lost her to cancer in 2005 it was like a part of me died with her. With her passing I was left without either parent and even though I have my kids and other family members, it’s just not the same when your parents are gone.

My fiancé Hillary recently found a portrait of me, my mother and my daughter Lucy taken when she was just a baby. She had it framed for me and placed it in our living room and seeing it again after so many years brought back both happy and sad memories.

My mother was the most loving and caring woman I’ve ever known, always there when you needed her most, always sympathetic even when no one else was, never wavering with her support.

When I was 14 my father passed away and left my mom to raise me by herself. A single mom with a teenager to raise, I like to think I made it fairly easy for her. I wasn’t one to get in trouble, so she had few headaches with me. I think I would have felt bad if I had put her through any trouble growing up, especially when she was working as hard as she could to support us.

We went on vacations together and she volunteered as a chaperone at high school dances. Older than most of the other moms, you could still always find her at these dances getting down with the kids — ready to learn the newest dance or show the kids how she used to swing dance with my uncle when they were kids back in the 1940s.

She was the cool mom who made the best pancakes the morning after a sleepover with the gang, who never hesitated to try something new and who loved a good game of Bingo or cards. Sweet and loving one minute, but not a pushover when it came to expecting the best behavior from her kids. We all learned early on not to mess with mom, even her grandchildren referring to her as “Grambo” at the height of the popularity of Sly Stallone’s Rambo movie franchise.

Mom loved crocheting, cooking and singing in her church choir. Later in life, after she remarried, she became very involved in her church and developed a faith she embraced all the way until she died.

I am fortunate to have had her in my life as long as I did. She was there to see my graduations from high school and college, the birth of my kids and my pursuit of my career in newspapers. Always there for me, always supportive, always loving — I will never forget her.

She is deeply missed and this Mother’s Day I’ll be thinking of her. Moms are irreplaceable so please don’t forget to tell yours how much you love her.

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