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Davison Library receives donation of $17k

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DAVISON — Fewer children will have to wait for an open computer in the kids section of the Davison Public Library after the generous donation of a local patron.

Mary Higginbottom, head librarian at the Davison Library, said a Davison man recently donated $17,860, to the library for the purchase of computers and books in the children’s section.

The man was recently in the library and saw one of the two children’s computers were out of order, so he asked what the problem was.

“We told him there was only one working,” said Higginbottom. “There wasn’t money to fix the broken one.”

She said the man, a Charles Bachman, produced his checkbook and wrote the library a check for $12,860 — the cost of four computers for the children’s section. He added an additional $5,000 to buy more children’s books.

Higginbottom said the library is very grateful to Bachman for his generous donation. The children who use the library are also happy with the new computers.

“Kids are flowing through those doors to get to those computers,” she said. “It’s a joy to see them running over to that corner.”

Bachman, who made the donation in his parents’ names, could not be reached for comment.

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