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More homework is key to better MEAP scores

In the March 15, 2012, issue of The Davison Index, Assistant Superintendent of Davison Schools Kevin Brown, discusses the results of the recent MEAP test scores of Davison School students.

Although still generally high, relative to the other 22 Genesee County school districts, MEAP scores have dropped to 9th place in science and 5th place in math for 5th grade Davison School students. My daughter is a 5th grade student at Davison Hahn Intermediate School and Mr. Brown I can tell you exactly why Davison 5th-graders did not do well in math and science — they are not assigned any homework! Mr. Brown, are you aware of this? My daughter averages about 1/2 hour of total homework per week.

Occasionally she tells me, “I did my homework in school.” Work done in school is schoolwork; work done at home is homework. Mr. Brown, I am not a professional educator, but, I think in education as well as in life generally the harder one studies and the harder one works the more one will achieve. If Davison School students do not study hard and work hard they will not be high achievers, don’t you agree? This necessarily also requires teachers to work harder correcting the homework assignments. Mr. Brown, are there any requirements that teachers must assign minimum amounts of homework? If not, why not? I would recommend a minimum of 1-1/2 hours of homework each school day: 1/2 hour for reading, 1/2 hour for math, and 1/2 hour for science. If you do not do this, Mr. Brown, you will be lamenting to The Davison Index about the lower MEAP scores of Davison students again next testing period; and perhaps offering yet another new-fandango (Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills) testing procedure to discover the problem that is staring you in the face.

I am in favor of reasonable testing to measure achievement. But, there comes a saturation point in testing where you lose focus of what should be your main objective: studying hard to learn as much as possible. If you do this, then the high test scores will come naturally. — David Bloch, Davison Township

Thanks to fire and police for smooth evacuation

(The residents of Braidwood Manor) would like to thank the Davison- Richfield firefighters and the Atlas firefighters. They made sure all of the residents got out of the building safely.

(We) would also like to thank the City of Davison Police, Davison Township Police, Richfield Township Police and the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department. For the med’s that watched to make sure we were all right.

(We) would also like to thank the Davison United Methodist Church for opening its doors for us. They brought out chairs and water for us to have. They helped people who were on oxygen and took them into their church.

(We) would also like to thank the staff of Braidwood Senior Independent Manor. For our manager Heather, Linda in the office, Donna our social worker, Lynette, James and Jeff.

(We) would also like to thank Living Grace Community Church for opening its doors to us.

(We) would also like to thank the board members for coming and helping out so much.

(We) thank the Lord for putting his loving arms around all of us here. — The residents of Braidwood Manor

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