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Sweet Expansion: Tasty Layers Opens Workshop

By Carrie RaCosta
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BURTON -- Gourmet cupcakes and creative cake decorating has become a social and media frenzy in recent years, delighting those with an insatiable sweet tooth and an eye for custom artwork in the form of edibles across the nation.

Many major cities now have multiple bakery shops solely devoted to cupcakes with imaginative accents and unique and exciting flavor choices.

In Genesee County there isn’t a specialty shop of that realm on every corner. One does exist here though, with a loyal Burton customer base.

It is Tasty Layers Custom Cakes on Davison Rd. where owner Rhonda Touchette- Mckee and her pastry chefs are working their sweet magic each day coming up with concept flavors to add to an already abundant menu selection, molding fondant into themed creations of a wide variety, and injecting happiness by the bite into a moment in the life of each customer that enters the pastel-hued store.

“We have a lot of fun trying out new ideas,” said Touchette- Mckee. “We even have a Blue Moon cupcake that tastes just like the ice cream.”

Along with Blue Moon, Tasty Layers offers over 30 gourmet cupcakes to choose from.

Apple Cider Crisp is a autumnal favorite of apple filling rolled in cinnamon oat crisps and topped with butter cream. Creamsicle is an orange cake paired with orange chiffon inside and swirled on top, and tastes as refreshing as it looks.

The Elvis Presley is a banana cake batter mixed with peanut butter mousse and banana cream, and topped to perfection with nuts.

Their most popular selection is Vanilla Raspberry, but during holiday months new selections get added to the menu. Right now chocolate bar staples and pumpkin infused cupcakes are all the rage for Halloween.

Business has been great for Touchette-Mckee who formerly worked as a flight attendant before opening Tasty Layers in a storefront in 2009.

The baker had a natural knack for the field. She also grew up with a pastry chef mother who had the same heightened taste palette, and hands of skill necessary for delicate artistry.

On Oct. 4, with her main shop already a clear success, the owner of Tasty Layers decided to open a new complimentary business a few doors down.

“Everyone sees all these cool shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars and ideas on Instagram now. They want to make those things they see, but don’t know how to. I had so many people coming in asking for classes, so

I decided to open a workshop,” she said. On Oct. 4, Tasty Layers Workshop and Supply opened in Suite #9 at 5515 Davison Rd. just a few steps away from the popular Suite #4 main shop.

It is in this space where classes are offered according to theme on Tuesday and Thursday nights, parties are able to be reserved for Saturdays, and where during normal hours of operation visitors can hop in and purchase decorating toppings, candles, and a wide assortment of products rarely found, or impossible to obtain in an average grocery store aisle.

Evening classes run about two hours each and full themed kits are provided to those who sign up for a session. Also, interested participants can take home a kit for $20 less than if they simply walked in to buy without instructional on-site education.

A few of many upcoming classes include Halloween Caramel Apples on Oct. 25. and “Chocolate is the glue that holds the family together”

Thanksgiving Centerpiece night on Nov. 22. Tasty Layers Workshop class questions or further details: 810-407-6457

For wedding or event cake custom orders the main shop line is 810-743-0123.

Tasty Layers upload many images of their celebrated designs online, including their awe-inspiring Steampunk theme wedding cake.

Visit Tasty Layers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and at tastylayers.com for eye candy, and a visual history of their design aesthetic.

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