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Adams, Slezak seek county commission seat

By Gary Gould
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DAVISON — Incumbent Genesee County Commissioner Pegge Adams (D-Richfield Twp.) will be challenged for her 9th District Commission seat by Republican Jim Slezak, from Davison Township, Nov. 4.

Adams, 64, is in her first term as 9th District County Commissioner. She and her husband, Richard, have four grown children.

Slezak, 47, works for Photo Factory USA in Richfield Township and has previously served for two years as a Michigan State Representative. Slezak and wife, Kathleen, have been married 18 years and have three children, Bridgette, Gabrielle, and Jack.

Adams has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts from Central Michigan University. Besides her successful campaign in 2012; she has organized a local presidential caucus site at Davison Township Hall in 2004; and has worked with a variety of candidates on campaigns. She cites her community service as working with a variety of charitable efforts, from Girl Scout leader to service through her church; community education forums on fracking, water resources, and voter education.

She said she thinks oil and gas drilling, particularly hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and the disposition of Richfield Landfill, are at the forefront of local voter concerns right now.

“It is very important to protect public health and safety. Fact-finding and working with townships, municipalities, and general public on possible safeguards has become quite urgent, due to the recent extensive oil and gas leasing in this area,” said Adams. “Monitoring developments on the status of Richfield Landfill is ongoing. If the landfill closes, Richfield Township has the chance to prevent the dump from growing if it is reopened post-closure, due to my work on the Solid Waste Plan, which reduced available acreage to that already permitted.”

The economy is another concern she said. With regard to economic health, she said she thinks the county needs to plan carefully, fostering projects that improve the local economy without the downside of damage to public health and the environment.

Emergency preparedness is another area Adams said is important.

“I can’t predict when and where an emergency will occur, but I know we must be ready. Discovering major problems with the county communications network last December led to forming the Human Services Emergency Communications Committee, on which I serve,” said Admas. “We have made enormous progress in fixing those problems, but more remains to be done.”

Slezak said he attended Yale University and has a B.A. Political Science which he received in 1989.

He said he will bring integrity, honor and respect to the commission.

“With these qualities I intend to work together with all of the County Commissioners and all other elected officials at every level to meet the needs of the citizens of Genesee County,” said Slezak.

Roads and public safety are two areas of concern to local voters, he said.

“As a board we will work together to seek the funds needed to fix our roads and bridges and provide public safety for Genesee County,” he said. “This can be done by staying in constant contact with our state and federal officials and demanding the necessary funds to get the job done.”

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