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Projects keep schools busy during summer months

Dear Editor:

No matter where I go this time of year, people invariably ask me the question: With the students and staff gone for the summer, is there anything happening in the district? And my answer is always the same: “Yes – a lot!”

We typically use the summer months to work on bigger projects – like renovations, new construction or, as in the case this year, the completion of some major asphalt work at Davison High School. We are able to complete these projects thanks to the community’s support through the Building and Site Sinking Fund. This time of year is also a very busy time for our custodians who are deep cleaning buildings and getting those “housekeeping” items checked off the list in order to do maintain our buildings and facilities. We never lose site of the fact that these facilities are taxpayer-owned and strive to do our best to take care of them.

This is also a busy time of year for our secretaries who are attending trainings – everything from learning how to use Google Drive to emergency medical procedures so they are able to care for our students who suffer with fragile health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, seizures, etc. They are also preparing buildings and getting ready for back to school student check-ins and registration.

Of course, our central office building is open all summer and our staff members there field all calls for the district during this time in addition to their regular jobs of hiring new staff, keeping the books and preparing records for the new school year. I am especially thankful for them for keeping things humming 12 months out of the year!

Our Technology staff also keeps busy during the summer, replacing and updating computers throughout the district for students and staff, solving network issues and finding ways to improve technology for all of our users.

Our building principals are also hard at work, attending professional development and preparing for another year of putting “Kids First.” This summer the focus has been on the education evaluation process.

And even though it’s pretty quiet in our school buildings right now, I am lucky that my office shares the building with the Cardinal’s Nest so I am still able to see kids learning and at play. Our caregivers work hard to keep them learning and experiencing new things through field trips and activities as well as give them time to be kids and play outside with their friends.

While I do enjoy summer and the break in the school year, I really do miss seeing the kids and staff engaged in learning and teaching. We have a lot to be proud of and I am thankful for the support from the Davison community. I am especially grateful that our parents and students have embraced our Balanced Calendar and, while I know that some say they would enjoy a couple of more weeks off, we all know that by mid-August our kids (and staff!) are ready to get back to routines.

I sincerely wish each and every one of you a successful and wonderful school year. I can’t wait to see everyone on our first day of school, Monday, August 21.

Eric Lieske, Superintendent Davison

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